The Museum Collection: the Wadman Trophy

Wingfield, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

The rose bowl trophy was awarded in 1908 to William James Wadman (1887-1954) of Stowford, Wingfield for shooting. He was a member of the Rood Ashton-Malmesbury troop of the Wiltshire Yeomanry.

It was presented to him by Sir Vincent and Lady Caillard – Sir Vincent Henry Penalver Caillard (1856-1930) and his wife, Eliza Frances Hanham (1859-1926). Caillard was the Lord of the manor and lived at Wingfield House, the big mansion next to Wingfield crossroads. He was the son of Camille Felix Désiré Caillard (1822-1898), Deputy Lieutenant of Wiltshire, Justice of the Peace and a County Court Judge.

The trophy was given to the Wiltshire Regiment in 1955 by his son Sargeant R. Wadman, and became the prize for the HQ Squadron annual shooting competition until it was returned to the family.

William James Wadman  gravestone, Wingfield, Wiltshire


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