Discussion Group: Researching and portraying the development of local landscape, both rural and urban

Wednesday 6th September, 7:30pm in the Library Meeting Room

Our next Discussion Group meeting will be led by Roy Canham, former Museum trustee, former County Archaeologist for Wiltshire, and regular Discussion Group contributor, and I know it will be full of Roy’s trademark energy, enthusiasm and knowledge.

The topic will be the Development of the local landscape, both rural and urban.  Roy will demonstrate the work he’s done to date using interactive, web-based software to show the changes to local landscape features through time. He will also be exploring how we, as a Museum Group might further research and portray the development of our local landscape.

Discussion Group covers a wide range of subjects, and if you haven’t been along to a session yet, do try it out.

The meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Library Meeting Room, and are FREE to members. Non-members can attend one session before being asked to join.  If you know of someone who isn’t a member, do bring them along – it’s a great introduction to the Museum. View the Discussion Group programme for 2023.

If you would like to volunteer to give a talk to Discussion Group in 2023, please contact Kate Turnbull at turnbullke@gmail.com.

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