Discussion Group: list of talks for 2024

Discussion Group covers a wide range of subjects, and if you haven’t been along to a session yet, do try it out.

The meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Library Meeting Room, and are FREE to members.  Non-members can attend one session before being asked to join.  If you know of someone who isn’t a member, do bring them along – it’s a great introduction to the Museum.

2024 sessions:

Wednesday 7th February
A selective history of Broughton Gifford
Led by Rob Arkell

Wednesday 6th March
The Roman Army arrives in South West England
Led by John Smith

Wednesday 3rd April
The Study of Medieval roof tiles and other roof furniture
Led by Jane Mann, Becky Clark and Martyn Whittock

Wednesday 1st May
Horton House excavation and the origins of Bradford
Led by Roy Canham

Wednesday 5th June

An update on the Portable Antiquities Scheme in Wiltshire

Led by Sophie Hawke

Wednesday 3rd July

The village of Holt
Led by Rob Arkell

Wednesday 2nd August

Wednesday 4th September
Thomas Fuller (1823-98), designer of Bradford on Avon town hall and national architect of Canada
Led by Julian Orbach

Wednesday 2nd October
Bradford’s railways – proposed and built
Led by John Baxter

Wednesday 6th November
A history of Bradford floods
Danny O’Callaghan

Wednesday 4th December
Somersetshire Coal Canal – An update on the origins, recent past and the current dynamic state of restoration
Led by Derrick Hunt


If you would like to to offer to lead a session in 2023, please contact Roy Canham at royston2017@outlook.com.

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