Archaeological work at Holt and at Belcombe Court, Bradford on Avon

Home Croft, Holt

Members of the Museum’s Research Group, led by Rob Arkell, have been carrying out investigations at two local sites over the last year.

Earthworks in Home Croft, the field just over the southern fence of the Courts Garden in Holt, suggested the site of early village houses and perhaps the original Manor House. We have carried out geophysical surveys of parts of the site using the Museum’s resistivity equipment and also dug a few small pits. The result can be seen in Rob’s report here (PDF, opens in a new tab).

In the parkland of Belcombe Court in Bradford some mounds on the hillside above the house are clearly not natural, so again Museum Research Group members set out to discover what they are. Surveying and carrying out some excavation were tricky as the slopes of the ground are steep. Rob’s report on the investigations can be read here (PDF).


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