of buildings in the Hundred of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Atworth, Bradford on Avon, Broughton Gifford, Holt, Limpley Stoke, Monkton Farleigh, South Wraxall, Westwood, Wingfield, Winsley


The architects of most of the old buildings in Bradford on Avon and villages of the Hundred of Bradford, even the grandest of them, are unknown. For many, in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries at least, the builders and their clients may have agreed on designs based on published pattern books or from known buildings elsewhere.


The following are known architects and architectural practices and their work:

Aaron Evans Associates: St Katherine’s Quay, Frome Road 1993

Adye, Charles Septimus: St Katherine’s Almshouses; Saxon Church restoration; White Hart Temperance Hotel; work on South Wraxall Church and vicarage with Henry Weaver

Adye, Herbert Archibald: Trinity School, Newtown 1896

Architecture & Planning Group (APG): Greenland Mills redevelopment 1997; Kingston Mills 1999 rejected

Arnold, William (fl. 1595–1637): The Hall?; work on South Wraxall Manor House 1598

Baldwin, Thomas (1750-1820): tomb of Richard & Ann Atwood, Winsley c1810?; that of Joseph Clisild Daniel, Limpley Stoke?

Barlow Henley: 1-5 Victory Fields, Frome Road 2005

BBA Architects of Bath: conversion of Abbey Mill to retirement homes 1997; Curtis Orchard, Broughton Gifford 2014

Brakspear, Sir Harold William (1870-1934): Tithe Barn, Town Bridge chapel; Great Chalfield Manor House 1905-11

Brooks, Stephen: 11a Wine Street Terrace 2010-11

Bruges Tozer Architects (now Swann Design): Iron Duke enclosure 2016

CaSA Architects (Ian Walker and Adam Dennes): Belcombe Lodge extension 2006 (RIBA SW award); 8 Bradford Road, Winsley

Chadwick, G.R. Wiltshire County architect. Stokeford Bridge 1964

Christian, Ewan (1814-1895): Saxon Church 1885

Clutton, Henry (1819-1893): Frankleigh House 1848

Sir Edward Guy Dawber (1861-1838) Conkwell Grange 1907

Designscape- Park Cottage 20-21 Lower South Wraxall 2016-20

DWA (David Ward Architects): Wiltshire Heights Care Home, Berryfield 2013

Fielden Clegg Design: The Ropewalk, Newtown 1988-9; Wiltshire Music Centre 1997

Fuller, Thomas (1823-98): Town Hall 1854; Holt Road Cemetery 1856

Gane, Richard (1839-77): Abbey Mill 1874-5

Gibbs, Vernon Denis  (1934-2020): 48 Budbury Close 1968-9; Old Court, Woolley Street 1973-4; Pippit Buildings 1982; Garden Ground, 7 Sladesbrook 1991-2

Gill, John Elkington (1821–1874): work on Holy Trinity church 1864

Goodridge, Henry Edmund (1797-1864): north aisle of S. Wraxall church 1823; Atworth church 1832; Cottles Park extension 1830s

Green, Mowbray Aston (1864-1945): Stokewood House, Limpley Stoke 1925.

Hake, Guy Donne Gordon of Clifton, Bristol: Spencer Moulton Centenary Building, Kingston Road 1948

Harrison Brookes: West Barn 2000

Hicks, John (1815-1869) of Bristol: Monkton Farleigh church 1844, Rectory 1844-6

Howard, Sidney: Bradford’s Memorial Baths 1897

Hyllén, Klas: Vintners, Silver Street 2020; 14 Tory 2023

Imrie, George Blair (1885-1952), Imrie: Porter & Wakefield: housing estates for the Urban District Council, 1940s, 1950s

Irvine, James Thomas (1826-1900): Saxon Church plans

Jelly, Thomas (died 1781) and Palmer, John (1738-1817): Cottles Park 1775-78; The Old House, 18 Silver Street façade?

Klaetschi, Hans : Ancliff Down, 155b Upper Westwood 1995-7

K20 Design: Ancliff Square redevelopment, Avoncliff, Westwood 1987

Lawrence, George Churchus (1872-1938): addition to Limpley Stoke Hotel 1915; Wingfield Court 1928 (with Sir George Oatley)

Manico, E.J. Lamb Factory, Silver Street 1916-7

Manners, George Phillips (1789-1866): Christ Church 1840; Christ Church School 1847

Merrick, Henry: possibly alterations to Clifton House, 1 Bath Road

Morgan, Hugh & Charles Cowles-Voysey: council houses, Trowbridge Road 1920

Nash Partnership: Kingston Mills regeneration; Mill Lane terrace 2011

Oatley, Sir George Herbert (1863-1950) & George Churchus Lawrence (1872-1938) of Bristol: Wingfield Court 1928

Palmer, John (1738-1817) of Bath: Lynchetts, Woolley Street

Paty, William (1758-1800) of Bristol: old Holy Trinity Vicarage alterations 1793 (demolished)

Pentreath, Ben: Kingston Farm development 2011

Ponting, Charles Edwin (1850-1932): Holt church 1889-91

Pope, Richard Shackleton (1791-1884): Holy Trinity Vicarage 1840,  Winsley church 1841

Reay, Samuel Sebastian (1867-1922): partner of Thomas Ball Silcock, buried at Limpley Stoke

John Rennie (1761-1821): Kennet & Avon Canal 1795-1810

Scott, Sir George Gilbert (1811-1878), John Oldrid Scott (1841-1913): report on Holy Trinity Church 1865; Christ Church chancel 1878

Silcock, Thomas Ball jr (1854-1924): County Technical (Fitzmaurice Grammar) School 1897; Winsley House 1902

Smith, William of Trowbridge: The Green, Wingfield alterations 186os

SRA Architects: AB Dynamics building, Holt Road 2019

William Stanley (died 1933) phase one of Bradford on Avon Post Office 1898; 4-6 Silver Street

Stansfield-Brun, John (1852-1940): Turleigh Danes c1893

Stent, William Jervis (1815-1887): Limpley Stoke Hydro (Hotel) 1863; Congregational Church, Holt 1880

Thurlow, Lucas & Janes: work for the Avon Rubber Co., 1960s and 1970s

Underwood, George Allen (1793-1829): Limpley Stoke Viaduct 1834

Watkins, William Henry (1877-1964) designer of cinemas in the 1920s and 1930s: additions to Conkwell Grange 1952, lived at Belcombe Court 1935-1964.

Weaver, Henry (died in 1886) work on South Wraxall Church and vicarage with C.S. Adye; the Armoury, Silver Street 1884

Wood, John the Elder (1704-1754) of Bath: Belcombe Court; Wellclose House?

Wyatt, Thomas Henry (1807-1880): Broughton Gifford church 1850; Broughton Gifford Rectory 1849-52