New Acquisition: Holt Football Club

Holt Football Club 1906-7Among recent items that have entered the collection of Bradford on Avon Museum is this photograph. It is a group record of members of the Holt Football Club and was taken after they won the Trowbridge District League in the season 1906-1907. The club was the earliest to be formed in Wiltshire under Football Association rules, in 1864 and still exists.

The members in the picture are: Back row: F. Drewitt, F. Harris (committee member), H. Sydee, R. Edwards (assistant secretary), S. Barton, C. Young (committee), E. Jones, Ernest Stokes. Middle row: H. Perry, A.J. Beaven (president), D. Scrine, J. Hunt (captain), D. Drewitt, A. Cliff. Front row: E. Skinner, C. Giles, B. Nibbs (honorary secretary), H. Ryan. Help with identifying the people would be appreciated, as would other photographs for the archive, if only to copy: use the contact form.

A.J. Beaven of Holt

The President of the club at this time was Albert James Beaven of the J. & T. Beaven leather factory and several members of the club probably worked for his firm. He died in the following year, 1908, at the age of 66.

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