Pharmacy equipment: shop rounds

Shop rounds are the bottles that line the shelves of the chemist shop. They contain the ingredients of most of the everyday medicines made in the shop: tinctures, essences, powders, oils.

Tincture rounds have narrow necks for pouring liquids. This contains Tinctura Stramonii -tincture of thorn-apple, a poisonous plant.

Powder rounds have wider necks to allow a spoon to be used. This contains Pulvis Carboni -powdered charcoal.

Syrup rounds are deep blue, with a loose-fitting stopper that could be loosened when stuck by the syrup. This contained Syropus Scillae – syrup of bulbs of the Mediterranean squill.

Ether rounds have a cover to keep the stopper from being lost if it was blown out by the volatile contents. This one contains Glycer. Boracis -glyceride of borax.

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