Museum members at the Roman Baths

Museum Society members examine pottery in the Roman Baths storeA small party of Museum Society members was treated to a tour of the stores of the Roman Baths Museum in Bath. The serious reason for the trip underground in Bath was towards identifying and understanding the Roman and Medieval pottery that has been found in Budbury and other places in Bradford. They had the opportunity to examine some fascinating sherds from the material that was excavated when the Temple courtyard was exposed in the 1980s and at the old Hat & Feather at the top of Walcot Street. As so often, much was learnt from some articles, while others were new and confusing. It always seems that much more work has to be done before we can sure about where the Bradford pottery has come from.

Neck of a Roman jar

Many thanks to Susan Fox of the Roman Baths Museum (Bath & NE Somerset) for the opportunity to see behind the scenes and examine some of their precious finds, especially when preparations were in course for major building works there and to Jane Mann for arranging the visit.

On a cold wet afternoon the Baths were at their steamiest best!

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