Old Photographs: Frome Road


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 The Three Horseshoes, Frome Road .

The Three Horseshoes pub, at the beginning of Frome Road, in the 1890s. Externally at least, little has changed in more than a century; apart from the transport, the main difference is the loss of the large gas lamp.

 Keates' Garage, Frome Road .

A photograph from not very long ago, showing the forecourt, workshop and showroom of the former Keates’ Garage, just after it had closed and before demolition. The site is occupied now by housing and some office space.

 old timber yard buildings, Keates' Garage, Frome Road .

At the rear of the Keates’ Garage site, next to the railway station, was a short range of brick building, which may have been part of the timber yard that had previously been there.

 Armistice parade, Victory Field 1918 The population of Bradford turned out for a parade at the time of the Armistice at the end of the Great War in 1918. The location is the field that has since been called the Victory Field, next to the Frome Road, Barton Farm and the canal. In the background can be seen some of the houses of Frome Road and the gas holder of Bradford’s gas works.
 Bradford Upper Wharf c1925  .

The Upper Wharf of the Kennet & Avon Canal in a photograph that was taken in about 1925.

 The Barge Inn, Frome Road .

Looking across the canal basin at the Upper Wharf, at about the same time, towards the houses of Frome Road, with the Barge Inn on the left.

Hillside, Jones' Hill, Frome Road, Bradford on Avon Hillside, in what was originally Westwood Lane, but now part of Frome Road, in 1903 -just a year or two after it had been built by builder/quarrymaster Isaac Jones as his home. He can be seen on the extreme right, his wife Frances is by the door and children Robert and Kathleen are on the left with an unknown woman; servants can also be seen.

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