Local geologists

The country around the Bradford Hundred forms part of what has been called “The Cradle of English Geology” due to its association with William Smith, the “Father of English Geology” and many other founders of the science. It was around here that the order of strata was worked out.

Memorial to Richard Warner in Great Chalfield church.

Rev Richard Warner BA, FLS 1763-1857

Richard Warner was an antiquarian who lived in Bath. He wrote many books on topography and history, including Hampshire Extracted from Domesday, History of the Isle of Wight, History of Bath, and History of the Abbey of Glastonbury. He had an interest in geology and his collection, since lost, was the first to be arranged by William Smith, the “Father of English Geology”.

He was Rector of Great Chalfield from 1809 until his death; at the same time he was Vicar of Chelwood in Somerset, where he is buried.

  • William Smith
  • Benjamin Richardson
  • John Phillips
  • Joseph Chaning Pearce
  • William Fyfield Adye
  • Richard Warner

Bust of John Phillips in Oxford University Museum

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