Twin Town: Norden


Ludgerikirche, NordenNorden is a town on the North Sea coast of Ostfriesland, Niedersachsen, Germany, on low land near the Dutch border. Its port was once important in foreign trading and still supports a fishing fleet and ferries to the Frisian islands. It had a population of 25,019 at the end of 2011. 

Norden and Bradford became twinned in 1969 through connections between the two towns’ rowing and canoe clubs which began in 1967.

> Wikipedia page on Norden (a star-rated page in German -the English version needs work!)


Arms of OstfrieslandBradford on Avon Museum has a few items that relate to Norden and the Bradford-Norden twinning, including the framed arms of Ostfriesland that was presented by a visiting football team from Norden.

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