Bradford People: Hon. Mrs Victor Bruce

Mildred Mary Petre (1895-1990), better known by her married name of the Honourable Mrs Victor Bruce, was a pioneer female aviator. She was born in Chelmsford, Essex, but lived in Newtown, Bradford from 1950 to 1985. She was attracted by speed and mechanical transport from an early age and was the first woman to be prosecuted for speeding, in 1911! With Victor Bruce, her husband, she drove all over Europe and she came 6th overall in the Monte Carlo Rally of 1927, winning the Coupe des Dames as the first woman.

It was in the air that she made her name, as the first to fly person to fly to Japan and in 1930 she flew alone around the world. Before the second World War she started a commercial aircraft company.

A new biography, “Queen of speed” by Nancy R. Wilson, has been published in 2012 by Bradford publisher Ex Libris Pres.

Queen of speed

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