Holt Road Cemetery, Bradford

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Mortuary chapel, Holt Road Cemetery


Holt Road Cemetery was set up by the Bradford Improvement Commissioners in 1856 as a non-denominational burial ground to relieve pressure on those in the town under the Burial Act of 1853. The original area, two mortuary chapels (Anglican and Nonconformist -discriminated even in death) and Sexton’s lodge, was on 4 acres 2 rods 8 perches of ground taken from the Hall estate and cost £3,000; it was later extended. The buildings were designed by the Bath architect Thomas Fuller (1823-1886), who was also responsible for Bradford’s Town Hall, buildings in Bath and in Canada.

In 1886 the fee for an interment in a Common Grave not in perpetuity, was 3s 6d; a Grave in perpetuity was 10s 6d; double fees applied for non-parishoners.

Below are photographs of some of the gravestones in the cemetery.


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