New acquisition: a Roman silver signet ring

Roman signet ringThe Museum has added to its collection of Roman objects with the acquisition of a Roman finger ring, made of silver and still having its ‘jewel’ of opaque blue glass that has been engraved with a genius figure. It is a fairly hefty thing, weighing 18g, and probably belonged to a man -a piece of Roman bling! It was found in Broughton Gifford by a metal detectorist, declared as treasure under the 1996 Act, so has been assessed by experts at the British Museum. We are very grateful to the finder, who has waived the share of the reward that was due. It is heavily tarnished after 1,800 years in the ground, so we will have to think about whether to have it cleaned by a specialist conservator.

Hopefully, the Museum will be open sometime in 2021 and you can see it!

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