Bradford on Avon Fire Brigade

firemen's helmetsThe Museum has added to its collection of items relating to the history of the fire service in Bradford with a new donation. We have received helmets, one of the Wiltshire County Brigade and another two from the previous Bradford Urban District Brigade, an axe with its leather case that would have been clipped to a belt, a heavy jacket with county brigade buttons and a county cap.There are also several badges from both services and from the National Fire Service that operated during World War 2 and a large number of photographs. From the time before wireless pagers were issued to call the firemen, we have an electric alarm bell that would have been connected to telephone wires.

All these items belonged to Sidney William Jones who served with the National Fire Service 1942-1945 and the Wiltshire Brigade from 1950, becoming Bradford’s Station Officer in 1968 until he retired around 1980.



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