Listed Buildings

Atworth, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Buildings that are considered to be of architectural and/or historic importance have been listed, currently by Historic England (in England). The term “building” is taken loosely and covers all sorts of things in the built environment and can include, for example, telephone boxes. There are three grades: Grade I are considered the most important; Grade II*; Grade II.

There are 69 listed buildings (including some monuments in churchyards) in the modern Civil Parish of Atworth (including the formerly separate Cottles and Great and Little Chalfield)

Grade I

All Saints Church, Great Chalfield

Barn at Great Chalfield Manor House

Great Chalfield Manor House

Grade II*

Barn at Church Farm, Atworth

Church of St Michael and All Angels, Atworth

Grade II

Bath Road: Nos. 56 & 57, 140 & 141, 142 & 143, 146, Clock Tower, Gordano Farm, The Hayes, Neston Park Lodge, Prospect Farm, Turnpike Cottage, West Farmhouse, The White Hart

Bradford Road: Nos. 70 & 71, &2, 82, 89, 117, School & School House, Barn at Poplar Farm, former Foresters Arms, Manor Farmhouse with front walls and gates, Barn at Manor Farm, the Old Forge, the Old Farmhouse, the Old Rectory, Poplar Farmhouse, Vine Cottage with front railings and gate.

Church Street: Nos. 93a, 94, 95, 96, 103, 105 & 106, Church Farmhouse, a number of monuments in the churchyard.

Neston Lane: No. 128

Purlpit: No. 178, 186 & 187

Great Chalfield: Lodge, Moat wall, Stables, Gazebo, a monument in the churchyard, Lenton Farm.

Little Chalfield: Manor House, Barn with mill wheel

Cottles: Cottles Park (Stonar School), gateway in wall, Fuller House, Hale House, Tennyson House.

Hobb’s Bottom Farmhouse