Stokeford Bridge

Limpley Stoke and Winsley, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


As a route to Bath, horses could cross the Avon at Stoke Ford, at the foot of Winsley Hill. In 1731 Thomas Dike of Limpley Stoke and Moses Cottle sr of Winsley, who owned the land on their respective sides, agreed to build a bridge over the Avon. Stokeford Bridge was in existence by 1739.

Originally it was a wooden structure, then the four piers with cutwaters were built and connected by a wooden deck. The stone arches between the piers were added later. It was widened in 1930 and again to its present width in 1964.
1752 first Road Act for Bradford: from [Monkton] Combe Bridge to Winsley via Stokeford Bridge to Bradford
1777 Act (17 Geo. III cap. 98): renewed the Act of 1752, adding the upkeep of Stokeford Bridge.

The bridge has a grade II listing.

former Bridge tollhouseTolls for using the bridge and for using the road from Combe bridge to Bradford were collected from the house at the Limpley Stoke (western) side, now called Bridge Cottage.




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