Roman Bradford on Avon

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire

Mosaic central motif.

The central motif of a mosaic floor of the Roman Villa at St Laurence School, Bradford on Avon


The army of the Roman Emperor Claudius invaded Britain in 43 and soon established rule over the southern part of their new province of Britannia. The limestone hills around the city and religious site of Aquae Sulis (modern Bath) are rich in remains from the Roman period (43-410 AD), including the uplands of the western part of the Bradford Hundred area, including villa buildings, roads and a pattern of fields.

Even today, most of the northern border of the Hundred of Bradford is defined by the line of the Roman road from Londinium.

There were major villas near Atworth and at St Laurence School in Bradford and smaller buildings in Westwood, Limpley Stoke and South Wraxall and scatters of building material hint at others.