Woollen Cloth Mills, Factories & Workshops

in the Hundred of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Bradford on Avon and the other towns and villages of western Wiltshire grew on the woollen cloth manufacturing industry. At times there were between 30 and 40 buildings that were engaged in the various processes of woollen cloth manufacture in Bradford and the Hundred of Bradford, ranging from large factories down to small workshops. Many have not survived, of course, or have been converted to other uses, including residential. 


Abbey Mill, Bradford on Avon

Abbey Mill

_ Greenland Upper Mill, Bradford on Avon in the 1990s

Greenland Upper Mills

_ New Mill and Lamb Yard, Bradford on Avon today

New Mill

Kingston Mill, Bradford on Avon, late 19th century

Kingston Mill

  Mason's Lane Mill, Bradford on Avon

Masons Lane Mill

  Whitehead's Lane Mill

Whitehead’s Lane Mill

Greenland Lower Mill, Bradford on Avon

Greenland Lower Mill

  Sladesbrook Mill, Bradford on Avon

Sladesbrook Mill

  St Margaret's Hall

St Margaret’s Hall

Greenland Middle Mill

Greenland Middle Mill

  Church Street and Abbey Mills, Bradford on Avon c1880

Church St & Abbey Mills

Limpley Stoke Mill

Limpley Stoke Mill

  Avoncliff weir and mill on the Winsley side

Avoncliff North Mill