Spring flowers in Inwood

Monkton Farleigh, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


The Ride, Inwood


Inwood is a wood of 58 hectares of ancient woodland designated as a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) in 1988. It is situated in the south west of Monkton Farleigh parish on the flat plateau above the Avon valley and borders Warleigh Woods in the neighbouring parish of Bathford in Somerset. The SSSI includes a couple of detached smaller woods called Sweeps Coppice and Challenge’s Grove. A large area of new plantation on the northern side of Inwood by conservationalist and ex-Queen guitarist Dr Brian May began in 2018.

Inwood is on thin stony calcareous soil and is dominated by oak, ash, beech and hazel, with a little holly a few scots pines. The woodland is quite dense, with a major glade called The Ride and smaller openings along tracks. It shows signs of having been managed as a crop at some time in the past, but any recent coppicing has been minor.

The wood covers an intricate network of archaeological features which were preserved because they were not affected by ploughing- tracks and field boundaries dating perhaps from the Bronze Age, Iron Age, Roman period and Middle Ages as well as a Bronze Age burial mound called Jugs Grave. They were beautifully revealed by Bradford on Avon Museum’s LiDAR survey.

The wood is all private land, but can be seen from a public footpath that crosses part of it, between the Conkwell to Warleigh lane and Farleigh Wick.

Do not pick any wild flowers.