Natural History: Insects

in the Hundred of Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


comma butterfly, Bradford on Avon

Comma butterfly, Polygonia c-album, Bradford on Avon

  Lepidoptera: butterflies  
insect: painted lady butterfly, Bradford

painted lady, Vanessa cardui, a summer migrant, on red valerian (Centranthus), Bradford

  small tortoiseshell butterfly, South Wraxall

small tortoiseshell, Aglais urticae, South Wraxall

  marbled white butterfly, Bradford on Avon

marbled white, Melanargia galathea, on Verbena, Bradford

insect: small white butterfly, Bradford

small white, Pieris rapae female, scourge of cabbages, Bradford

  insect: clouded yellow butterfly, Bradford

clouded yellow, Colias croceus, Bradford

  insect: red admiral butterfly, Conkwell

red admiral, Vanessa atalanta, Conkwell, Winsley

insect: speckled wood butterfly, Bradford

speckled wood, Pararge aegeria, Holt

  insect: peacock butterfly, Bradford

peacock, Inachis io, on Buddleja, Bradford

  insect: comma butterfly at The Courts, Holt

comma, Polygonia c-album, Holt

    Lepidoptera: moths    
insect: scarlet tiger moth, Bradfordscarlet tiger, Callimorpha dominula, Bradford   insect: scarlet tiger moth larva, Bradford

larva (caterpillar) of scarlet tiger, feeding on alkanet (Anchusa), Bradford

  Jersey tiger moth, Bradford on Avon

Jersey tiger, Euplagia quadripunctaria, Bradford

insect: silver Y moth, Bradford

silver-Y, Autographa gamma, Bradford

  moth, Bradford on Avon

carpet?, on a painted surface, Bradford

    Odonata: dragonflies    
damsel fly, Bradford on Avon

beautiful demoiselle, Calopteryx virgo male, Barton Farm, Bradford

  insect: southern hawker dragonfly, Holt

southern hawker, Aeshna cyanea, Holt

  insect: common darter dragonfly, Holt

common darter, Sympetrum striolatum, Holt

insect: damselfly, The Courts, Holt

damsel fly, Holt