Henry Crisp & Sons, ironfounders

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Avonside iron foundry

The Avonside iron foundry, Bridge Street, with its chimney, between 1875 and 1882


The Crisp family iron foundry business was situated next to the river in Bridge Street, Bradford on Avon and became known as the Avonside Iron Works.

Alfred Crisp (1822-1881) was listed as an iron founder moulder, living in Regent Place in the 1851 census, suggesting that he might have been employed at William Coles’ works, which were next to Regent Place.

His son Henry (1849-1917) was making cast iron equipment in Bridge Street by 1881, including street furniture -gully gratings, inspection and stop valve covers- and larger items like floor-supporting stanchions for industrial buildings. He was joined in the business by his sons Herbert Henry (1871-1939), Francis Henry (born in 1875) and Richard William (born in 1875).