Carriers & Coaches

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


wagon delivering to Beavens' at Holt

A covered wagon carrying goods to Beavens’ leather factory in Holt


The Bath Chronicle on 15th June 1780 advertised for sale “stage waggon & 4 horses, used by Mr D. Merreweather to carry goods for 40 yrs from Bristol to Bradford. Enq Mr Samuel Collings at the Scribbling Horse”. In September of the same year it advertised Pickwick’s post coach from Bath to London via Bradford and Trowbridge.

Gye’s Directory of Bath in 1819 lists road services to Bradford on Avon:

Lucas’s Caravan from Bradford and Trowbridge, to the Golden Lion [Horse Street, Bath], every returns Thursdays [sic]

Deson’s Cart from Bradford, to the Three Cups [in Northgate Street, Bath], every Wednesday and Saturday, and returns the same evenings

Nichols’s Caravan leaves the Packhorse, [in Northgate Street, Bath] every Saturday afternoon at one

Baker’s Caravan, from Holt [to Bath], every Wednesday and Saturday, and returns the same day

Mail goes out every afternoon at four, comes in every morning from ten to eleven (post office, Kingston Buildings) in 1819; out at five, in at 8.30 to nine in 1824.

Hunt’s (late Gye’s) Directory of Bath in 1824:

Coach every afternoon to Bradford and Trowbridge leaving The White Lion every afternoon, at half-past 5, (except Sunday.)

Coach every evening from the Golden Lion, Horse Street at 4 and 6

Gerrish’s Coach from the Pack-horse, Northgate Street every afternoon, at 4, and a quarter before 6, (except Sunday)

Morrish & Sons wagons to Bradford and Trowbridge, every Monday and Thursday, and returns the same day.

Applegate’s Caravan from Bradford and Trowbridge comes in every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, and returns the same evenings: from the Pack-horse [Northgate Street].

Phillips’s Caravan from Westbury, Trowbridge, and Bradford comes in every Wednesday and Saturday, and returns the same days: from the Full Moon

Glass’s Cart from Bradford, comes in every, Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, and returns the same days: from the Pelican [in Walcot Street].

Pigot’s Guide 1831:

Hillier & May’s cart left from William Baston’s in St John Street, Devizes on Thursdays (market day in Devizes) and Saturdays for Bradford and Trowbridge. The same firm had a cart every Tuesday from their warehouse in Marlborough to Bradford and Trowbridge


Mizen’s cart ran from the Black Bear in Devizes on Thursdays to Melksham, Holt and Bradford and Sawyer operated from the Black Bear to Melksham and Atworth.