A Holt Collection

Holt Spa token, 1790sBradford on Avon Museum has acquired a collection of items from the modern parish of Holt, the village to the east of the town.

It was assembled by the late Pam Gooding and it was her wish that it go to the Museum after her death. Pam set aside a room in her house as a Holt museum and welcomed visitors to it.

The collection contains photographs, newspaper cuttings, souvenirs and objects that relate to the 18th-century Holt Spa, Beavens’ leather factory, the Goff family of The Courts and Forsters of Holt Manor, church and chapel, pubs and schools.

There is also a collection of tools that belonged to her father, who worked for the carpenters Forster (later Manning) in Winsley.

The Museum hopes to display some of the collection soon.

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