Most successful ‘Finds Day’ ever run in Wiltshire!

Roger Clark, Tracey Williams and Katie Hinds

Roger Clark, honorary curator at Bradford on Avon Museum, with the rare 17th century spoon found near the foundations of the Saxon church, with Tracey Williams, honorary trustee, and Katie Hinds, Wiltshire county finds liaison officer, who is based at Salisbury and South Wiltshire Museum.

When we held our first ‘Finds Identification Day’ in September, we had no idea just how successful it would be. In fact, Katie Hinds, county finds liaison officer who is based at Salisbury & South Wiltshire Museum, said it was the most successful Finds Day ever run in Wiltshire, describing it as ‘absolutely phenomenal’. Some 111 pre-1700 finds were recorded, along with another 250 from 1700 onwards, brought in by people from all over the county.

One particularly interesting find was an extraordinary spearhead found in a garden in Trowbridge 50 years ago. Another was a 17th century ‘pied de biche’ or doe’s foot spoon. Other items included a Roman bracelet, a toy soldier mould, a cannonball, a 16th century sword belt fitting, a hammered silver coin, Roman coins and prehistoric pottery. Also turning up were medieval tokens, Neolithic flint tools and a 5th century Anglo Saxon star shaped glass bead found near Swindon. “The range of objects was amazing,” said Roger Clark, honorary curator at the museum. “We were hoping for some clay pipes, Roman bits and pieces and the odd flint, but certainly were not expecting the spoon or the spear.”

As the day was such a success, the museum plans to hold another in the school holidays and hopes to get more children involved too. As Roger points out, the number of finds brought in this year was probably just ‘the tip of the iceberg’.

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