A Year On …

It is now a full year since Bradford on Avon Museum closed its doors to the public on 15th March 2020 (the Ides of March!).  We are told that the earliest that museums will be allowed to reopen is the 17th May, but that depends on circumstances prevailing at the time. We will not wish to risk reopening until we believe it is absolutely safe to do so, as our space is so small that distancing is not easily done and the library authority has worries about the effect of the air conditioning equipment on recirculating the atmosphere. Even after getting the OK, it may take a little extra time to prepare things.

The Museum has not been entirely inactive in the past year: two new books have been published to add to our list of titles; members of the Museum Research Group have been out in the field when allowed doing resistivity surveying with our new archaeology geophysics equipment, doing some field walking and even dug some small excavations; we have acquired a few objects to add to the Museum’s collection, including a Roman silver ring; many new pages have been added to the website and many more have been edited. As people have turned to passing their time in lockdown by researching their family history, enquiries have poured in about Bradford on Avon people from all over the world.

We wait to see what happens next and will let you know

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