Listed Buildings

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Buildings that are considered to be of architectural and/or historic importance have been listed, currently by Historic England (in England). The term “building” is taken loosely and covers all sorts of things in the built environment and can include, for example, telephone boxes. There are three grades: Grade I are considered the most important; Grade II*; Grade II.

There are 343 listed buildings (including some monuments in churchyards) in the modern Civil Parish of Bradford on Avon, of which 7 are Grade I and 29 are Grade II*

Grade I

Belcombe Court

Holy Trinity Church

The Granary, Barton Farm

The Hall

St Lawrence, Saxon Church

Town Bridge

Tithe Barn, Barton Farm

Grade II*

26-32 Tory

33-37 Tory

53-59 Newtown

Manvers House, 3 Kingston Road

Church House

Barton Bridge

Chantry & Little Chantry

Christ Church

Druce’s Hill House

Manor House forecourt and railings, Whitehead’s Lane

Former Methodist Chapel behind the Town Club

Former Wesleyan Methodist Church, Coppice Hill

Church (now Wallington) Hall, Church Street

Lynchetts, Woolley Street

Abbey Mills

Hall’s Almshouses

Moxham’s, Woolley Street

Orpin’s House, Church Street

Silver Street House

St Olave’s, Woolley Street

Sundial House, Whitehead’s Lane

The Swan Hotel

Temple, gardens of Belcombe Court

Terrace at The Hall

Terrace N of Belcombe Court

Priory Barn

Priory wall on Market Street

Well Close House

Woolley Grange