Discussion Group – List of Talks for 2017

Discussion Group covers a wide range of subjects, and if you haven’t been along to a session yet, do try it out.

The meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Library Meeting Room, and are FREE to members.  Non-members can attend one session before being asked to join.  If you know of someone who isn’t a member, do bring them along – it’s a great introduction to the Museum.

Upcoming sessions:

Wednesday 1st March
The Archaeology of Budbury
Led by Roy Canham

Wednesday 5th April
Some Interesting Eighteenth Century Blind Houses – Local and Further Afield
Led by Margaret Dobson

3rd May
What a Relief! An Appraisal of the Roman Panel Fragment in  Bradford on Avon Museum
Led by Sophie Hawke

7th June
Bring up the bodies: Reordering Holy Trinity
Led by Gill Winfield

5th July
Excursions in the 1800s with Rev John Skinner: Part Two
Led by Sophie Hawke

2nd August – NO MEETING

6th September
The Work of the Museum Research Group
Led by Roy Canham

4th October
The History of the Bradford on Avon Fire Brigade
Led by Roger Clark

1st November
Bradford Leigh Fair
Led by Rob Arkell

6th December
Solsbury Hill Geophysics and Archaeology Survey
Led by Rick Buettner

If you would like to suggest a topic for 2018, or would like to offer to lead a session, please contact Kate Turnbull (Museum Trustee) on 01225 866328 or at turnbullke@googlemail.com.

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