Arts Council England, succeeding MLA, is the body that oversees and assists Museums on behalf of central government. Bradford on Avon Museum has been the recipient of grants from MLA towards purchasing three pictures, notably the painting “Timbrell’s Yard” through  a purchase fund which was  administered by the Victoria & Albert Museum in London. The PRISM (Preservation of Industrial and Scientific Material) Fund, also now administered by Arts Council England, assisted with purchasing the contents of the Christopher Pharmacy in 1986 and with the conservation and transfer of the Iron Duke rubber calender machine in 2016.

Wiltshire Council, through its Museums Advisory Service, gives curatorial and conservation advice and provides some hands-on object conservation and monitoring. The Museum is grateful for several grants from the Council.

Bradford on Avon Town Council has given generous grants to help the Museum’s projects from its beginnings in 1986.

Local Heritage Initiative supported the Bradford on Avon Millennium Embroidery project.

Bradford on Avon Museum has benefitted by grants from Awards for All -a branch of the Heritage Lottery Fund. These bought a kiosk-style computer and some content to display on it, including 360 degree panoramic photographs of places around the town and supported the Embroidery project. Also from the Heritage Lottery Fund, under the All Our Stories round of grants, the Museum has received £10,000 for our “Ancient Landscapes of the Bradford Hundred” LiDAR survey project. The fund has also enabled to preservation and transfer of the Iron Duke rubber calender machine.

The Museum would also like to thank all those individual people who have so generously given their time, money and historical objects to help it achieve its goals.