Old Photographs of Winsley

Winsley, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Church Cottages, Winsley

The centre of Winsley village around the turn of the 19th/20th centuries. The roof of part of the row of houses known as Church Cottages has been changed from thatch to pantiles, although that next to the church seems to have been newly re-thatched.

Seven Stars and school, Winsley

The old road through the village with the Seven Stars public house on the right and Winsley School, now Winsley Social Club, on the left with the tower of the church beyond, far left. The sign behind the man refers to water from the well of which the winding gear can be seen next to him. At the back are Church Cottages and blacksmith’s forge, all then with thatched roofs.

thatched house, Winsley

Many, possibly most, of the old houses in Winsley were thatched. These cottages are in the lane that winds around from the church, passing the former Post Office, back to the road to Bath at the Wheatsheaf. They have Welsh slate roofs now and the gable on the right front has been greatly reduced.

The Wheatsheaf corner, Winsley

Near the western entry into Winsley village, with wall of Burghope Manor on the left and The Wheatsheaf on the right, which was then operating as a shop (not a pub, despite its pub-like name).

Winsley Sanatorium from the air

The redundant quarries at Murhill, Winsley were selected as a suitable place for a hospital to treat tuberculosis patients. Winsley Sanatorium is seen in this aerial photograph postcard (right). The caption says it is in Limpley Stoke, Somerset, although it was definitely in Winsley and Limpley Stoke is in Wiltshire too.