Old Photographs: Westwood

Westwood, Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Lower Westwood, Wiltshire

Lower Westwood

The village is in two parts- Upper and Lower; these postcard photographs from the 1920s are of Lower Westwood. The children in the road are standing outside the village school. In the background is a pump which supplied water until the coming of mains water in the 1930s.

Westwood National School

Westwood National School was built in 1841 and extended in the 1890s to become Westwood with Iford School. Becoming more and more cramped and overflowing into the old Baptist Chapel, it closed in 1976 when the present new school had been built. Two years later it was converted into a house. The photograph was taken in about 1905.

Westwood School 1948/9

Pupils and teacher at Westwood School in 1948 or 1949

Royal Enfield staff magazine

The photograph shows the Royal Enfield hostel that was erected to house people who had been brought in to work at the factory during WorldWar 2. It contained a tea bar and restaurant and entertainments were held there. It and brick-built housing- the “Red Bungalows” -were demolished by Wiltshire County Council for building new houses.

Westwood Football Club

Members of the Westwood Football Club, photographed for the 1925-1926 season