The Keevil District Flower Show

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


The Keevil District Horticultural Society, based in the village of Keevil in Wiltshire was founded in the 185os and lasted for a hundred years. Its very popular annual flower show was held in various towns and villages around west Wiltshire. For the visits to Bradford on Avon in 1875 and 1879 the town put on a big show with floral arches on all the main approaches and houses decorated with flowers, greenery and welcome banners. They were also occasions for taking some early photographs.

Bradford on Avon Railway Station in 1875 with people waiting to welcome a visiting group.

A crowd wailting at the railway station to greet visitors to the flower show

Town Bridge 1870s

The  Town Bridge with floral arches, seen from southern end. The people would have had to stand still for a long-exposure photograph.

Woolley Street/Silver Street in 1879

Looking down Woolley Street to Silver Street