Community Dig – Day 7 – Some might say…

That’s it, a whole week done. My, how time flies when you’re shovelling clay! I’ve been on my own in Trench 1 for most of the day, but we’ve had lots of help from other volunteers in Trenches 2 and 3. Also, a test pit in Hen’s Orchard, which produced Medieval pottery.

Trench 3 (right side by the wall) is being explored to see if what lies below the stone spread is the sandy clay that’s in Trench 1. Trench 2 has been taken back to the natural at one end, a possible feature is emerging at the other end (towards the car park).

In Trench 1 I’ve spent all day cleaning. Now I know this sounds crazy, cleaning soil, but bear with me. When you have a section, or a rectangular hole, as some might say, you need to see the different layers of activity. If you left the sides unscraped it would all look a similar colour. However, when you scrape at the soil you reveal all the different colours and changes that relate to the different layers. This is vital in planning what we’ve found.

Roy, ‘The Boss’, got into Trench 1 this afternoon and hey presto, found more Iron Age pottery from in the ‘wall’ area. Julia will be pleased!

If you were concerned about the state of the biscuit supply, fear not, we were sent an emergency package of homemade carrot cake. Yum!

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