Complex of features near Bath Road, Bradford on Avon

Following our two field-trips, Roy has been working on LIDAR images covering the complex of features near Bath Road.

Image 1 shows that a more regular system appears to come through under extreme lighting from the east.

This is an amazing image considering that some of the features are only 4″ high.

Ritchie explains why:

“Image 2 is a Sky View Factor (SVF) image produced by a process that illuminates the landscape from multiple directions (In this case 16) and assembles the information into a single image. The light areas receive the most light and represent the high spots – The ‘valleys’ are darker. This process is not ideal for shallow features in a noisy landscape, producing a very grainy image, but it does give an indication of what features can be shown if illuminated from a suitable direction.

Roy has managed to produce an image showing features that are barely visible in the SVF image – A small shift in lighting angle can result in a feature not being visible, and this presents difficulties when trying to plot them.”

Click the images for larger versions

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