Unclaimed World War 1 Medallions


Great War medallion: William MorrisAfter the end of the Great War, in July 1919, Bradford on Avon Urban District Council arranged for medallions to be given to each person from the town who had served in the armed forces. Each was inscribed with the person’s name.

However, a couple of years ago, the present Town Council discovered a box which contained medallions that, for some reason or other, had not been given to the person in the inscription. Perhaps they had been short-term residents and had not returned to the town after the war, leaving no contact. Some of them died during the war. The Council handed the medallions to the Museum for safe-keeping.

A descendant of one of the men, Frederick Allen, has been found and the medallion has been handed over. However, the Museum still has fifteen, bearing the following names: H. Bidmead, William Morris, R.A. Nundy, Jesse Fletcher, Reginald Bancroft (died), C. Davies, C.W. Cole (died), S. Ward, Le. Vn. John Moore, H. Mills, G. Ellis, Ee. Hy. Elliott-Davis, Henry F. Percy (died), F. Huwell, John Stephen Johnson (died).


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