Museum Re-opens for 2012

Having been closed for its usual short winter break Bradford on Avon Museum has now opened for the New Year.

Newly displayed are some of the articles from Holt that the Museum acquired last year. We have also gathered our old cameras together for a display of photographic equipment from the days before everything went digital, stretching from a Goertz stereoscopic camera of 1902 to a Sankyo clockwork 8mm cinĂ© camera of the 1960s. The Roman case had been getting crowded as more items came in, so it has been expanded, allowing a little room in the hope that more things appear! In the chemist’s shop, there is a small display of weights and measure, some of them fairly obscure.

Each year we move pictures around in an attempt to make the most of the dwindling wall space. This year, the acquisition of a large painting by the late Jeanne Walpole has made this work even more taxing.

Less interesting perhaps, but very necessary, we have been rearranging some storage to gain a little more space, refreshing paint and cleaning.

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