The Museum Collection: Photography

One of the main activities of a chemist shop was the supply of films and chemicals and the processing of films for members of the public. Richard Christopher was himself a keen photographer.

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Richard Christopher's Goertz cameraOne of Richard Christopher’s own cameras was this Goertz stereoscopic camera (left). It produced left and right photographs on the same piece of glass negative, although it was possible to take a wide panoramic shot on it as well. It was made in Germany in 1902.

Christopher photographic chemicals advertisementFor most people it was enough to have photographs developed and printed by the chemist, but there were many in the early part of the 20th century who liked to do it themselves. Richard Christopher advertised a wide range of photographic products including chemicals, films and plates.

Photographic film dispenserOn a wall outside the shop was a film dispensing machine (left). It advertises 120-size roll film which would have fitted most of the folding cameras that were in use in the middle of the 20th century. 120 is still available for various professional square-format cameras.

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