The English Civil War


Civil War re-enactment 2016

Civil War battle re-enactment in Bradford on Avon 2016


The area around Bradford figured slightly in the English Civil War. Royalist troops under Sir Ralph Hopton are assumed to have crossed the Avon at Bradford and headed towards Bath, culminating in the Battle of Lansdown in July 1643. The other action was at Great Chalfield, where Parliamentary troops occupied the manor house, except for a few days when the Royalists held it.

See the book by John Wroughton, 1999. Unhappy Civil War: the experiences of ordinary people in Gloucestershire, Somerset and Wiltshire 

The British Civil Wars website has information on the situation around Bradford in 1643.


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Civil War cannonballThis cast iron cannonball (left) was found in Turleigh and may date from the Civil War. It could have been dropped in passing through between Bradford and Bath. Another of about the same size, at present on loan to the Museum, was found at Barton Bridge in Bradford, a likely crossing point. They would have been made for a light field gun such as Hopton’s troops had.

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