Another clock!


long case clock by Joseph Cross, Bradford on Avon

Fairly hot on the heels of the Joshua Rudd clock the Museum acquired a year ago comes another. This is of a later generation of Bradford clockmakers and was made here in about 1840, so it is bigger, with a painted face rather than brass and Arabic rather than Roman numerals. The case is veneered with Cuban mahogany and has stringing in lighter apple wood. The dial shows hours, minutes, seconds, the day of the month and the phase of the moon.

The maker was Joseph Cross, who worked in Woolley and then in Whitehill between 1822 and about 1850.

It is in working condition and we would like to have it going, but the mechanism really needs a thorough cleaning.

Again, we had trouble finding space for it and some things had to be moved or removed, but it is worth it.

The Museum is very grateful to the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust for assistance in acquiring the clock.

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