Discussion Group – List of Talks for 2018

Discussion Group covers a wide range of subjects, and if you haven’t been along to a session yet, do try it out.

The meetings take place on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:30pm in the Library Meeting Room, and are FREE to members (please remember to bring along your new, blue membership card!).  Non-members can attend one session before being asked to join.  If you know of someone who isn’t a member, do bring them along – it’s a great introduction to the Museum.

2018 sessions:

Wednesday 7th February
What’s in your garden? (small finds, pot sherds, etc. – not flowers!!)
Led by Jane Mann, Gill Winfield and Roger Clark

Wednesday 7th March
Bradford’s turnpike roads, tollhouses and milestones
Led by Ivor Slocombe

Wednesday 4th April
Industrial & Provident – Bradford on Avon Co-op Society
Led by Roger Clark

Wednesday 2nd May
The Saxons in Wiltshire
Led by Roy Canham

Wednesday 6th June
Bradford’s shops in the 1950s
Led by Stephanie Laslett

Wednesday 4th July
The true story of our unique railway station and its restoration – a talk to launch the Footbridge Canopy Project
Led by Peter Mann

Wednesday 1st August

Wednesday 5th September
St Laurence School and its Roman villa
Led by Sophie Hawke

Wednesday 3rd October
The diaries of Beth Hignall – ‘It makes you spit!’
Led by Colin Johns

Wednesday 7th November
Rowley – Bradford’s lost medieval village
Led by Rob Arkell

Wednesday 5th December
Local History Question Time (sort of Gardener’s Question Time meets Antiques Roadshow)
Our Panel: Roy Canham, Roger Clark, Ivor Slocombe and Pam Slocombe


If you would like to to offer to lead a session in 2019, please contact Kate Turnbull (Museum Trustee) on 01225 866328 or at turnbullke@googlemail.com.

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