Opening for 2018


Work in progress, January 2018

The Museum is open again from Wednesday 17th January at 14.00.

As usual, the winter closed period, from the end of November, has allowed some work that can’t really be carried out between times when we open to the public. Time to get things out of some usually inaccessible cupboards, spread them about and take stock. Time to carry out some small repairs, clean, touch up some paint, replace  labels worn by visitors’ fingers and put up some new signs.

It is also time to make a few changes to the things on display. This year there is a case of things from medieval Bradford, especially the little stone lion sculpture we were recently given. Of course, in our very small space, anything new tends to displace other things and, for now at least, prehistoric flint arrowheads and post-medieval pottery have had to go into storage. We try to make use of every square inch of space, while still maintaining access for visitors, but the possibilities of squeezing any more quarts into our pint pot are running out!

Changes have been made to the display case lighting too. The installation of LED lights in some cases means that maintenance will be much reduced. Up to now, the failure of a tube or bulb has usually meant having to move boxes and even dismantle some woodwork. Another advantage is that the new lamps run at very low temperatures and they consume very little electricity too, boosting the Museum’s green credentials a little.

So, let’s see what 2018 brings!


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