Re-opening for 2016

IMG_4528After its midwinter break from the end of November, Bradford on Avon Museum will be open again from 14.00 on Wednesday 13th January.

As usual, the closed period was spent in cleaning, repainting and tidying. Redisplay has largely been concerned with the Museum’s collection of signs -road signs, shop signs and others- mostly rather heavy, awkward objects. Plenty of new labels are provided, so there is no lack of reading matter. As part of our bid for Accreditation we have installed a security mirror, as recommended by Wiltshire Police’s Crime Prevention Officer.

Some of the work is not immediately visible. We need to find more room in our already crowded small Museum to store those things that are not on permanent display. This means trying to consolidate the way things are stored and displayed to fit other things in. Of course, we will be leaving plenty of room for the many visitors we expect to welcome this year!

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