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This is by no means an exhaustive list; there are bound to be missing articles- let us know!

WAM stands for the Wiltshire Archaeological & Natural History Magazine.

Guardian Angel is the publication of the Bradford on Avon Preservation Trust...

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Sources on the internet


Neil Mattingly’s Bradford on Avon site has huge amounts of pictures, reproductions and transcriptions of old documents. The National Monuments Record PastScape -archaeological and architectural heritage Bath in Time -photographs of Bradford and some of the villages Francis Frith -photographs from the postcard maker National Archives Family Search -the Mormon index of...

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A Bradford on Avon Bibliography

Books and booklets about Bradford on Avon and its surrounding area.

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Those in orange are available for purchase at the Museum

Airs, Malcolm & Tyack, 2007. The renaissance villa in Britain 1500-1700.

Alderslade, John & Porter,...

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Bradford Hundred Timeline


Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


c2000 BC: Early Bronze Age burial at Jugs Grave, Inwood

7th century BC: Early Iron Age Budbury hilfort

late 3rd century: Bradford and Atworth Roman villas built

652: King Cenwalh fought at Bradanforda be Afne

705: A monastery at Bradford...

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