The Community Dig 2014

A blog documenting a volunteer’s experiences taking part in Bradford on Avon Museum’s excavations at Barton Farm in 2014

Laura in Trench 1

Laura in Trench 1

Dear Reader

Welcome to the Community Dig Daily Report page, a review of the days archaeology, progress and finds. I hope you enjoy reading them and when you’ve finished, if you’re curious about anything we’re up to then by tomorrow you could be part of my diary entry! Bring your boots down to Victory Playing Field for a 9.30am start, 4 pm finish, or just come by and talk to us and by tomorrow you could help to fuel someone else’s curiosity.

See you there!


Day One – Turf Off!

Day Two – Can Anyone Smell Gas?

Day Three – Wonky Just Won’t Do

Day Four – Vino Anyone?

Day Five – Looking for a Date?

Day Six – Julia’s Gone Potty

Day Seven – Some Might Say…

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