Dotesio’s Cycling and Rambling Map

Dotesio's cycling and rambling map





Dotesio & Todd were printers and publishers with premises in Silver Street, Bradford and had acquired an outlet in Trowbridge as well. This map is entitled “Dotesio‚Äôs new touring, cycling, and rambling road map of forty miles about Bradford-on-Avon“. There is no date, but was probably published in the 1920s. It was probably based on mapping of about 1900 that Dotesio got from the publishers Inglis & Gall of London and Edinburgh. Broughton Gifford railway halt (opened 1905) and Avoncliff halt (1906) are not marked. There are some peculiar and antiquated spellings in places, such as Wraxhall and Farley and some double-barrelled names are the reverse of what you might see today: Charterhouse Hinton and Combe Monkton. Murhill in Winsley is spelt Morrall, which is close to the actual pronunciation.

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