Old Photographs: Bowls

Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Bradford Rowing Club laid out a two-rink bowling green next to their boathouse for non-rowing members in 1912. The green was enlarged to three, then to four rinks. In 1957 the Rowing Club Bowls Section became Bradford on Avon Bowling Club and in 1966 moved to the new green that was provided on the other side of the river by Wiltshire County Council.


Spencer Moulton Bowls Club 1930

The George Spencer, Moulton Rubber Company had its own bowls club and its own green at the sports ground on Trowbridge Road. The photograph shows members in 1930, including the Managing Director, Jim Chrystal (seated far right). Also in the picture are Ben Watts and his son Harry and the father of Stan Green who kept the cycle shop in Market Street.

Winsley Bowls Club

Members of Winsley Bowls Club with trophies -the larger one seems to be the same as that in the upper photograph


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