Explore Bradford: Silver Street


Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Silver Street

Silver Street runs from the northern end of the Town Bridge towards Holt and Melksham, to the northeast. Most towns and many villages have a Silver Street; various guesses have been made about the origin of the name. Silver Street in Bradford on Avon was not always called that and parts of it have had different names. 

The first stretch of the road, from the bridge to Coppice Hill was known as Bridgefoot.

The junction with Market Street is still known as Knee’s Corner, after the hardware store which once stood there. The next junction, that with The Shambles and Coppice Hill, was Old Market Place, where the old Market Hall stood until the 1820s. Above that the road was called Fox Street. A very narrow point further up the hill, difficult for increasing traffic and larger carts, was widened in the early 1880s, resulting in some new building.



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