Old photographs: Football


Bradford on Avon, Wiltshire


Bradford Crusaders football team 1925-6


The Bradford Crusaders 2nd XI football team for the season 1925-1926. The team consisted of members of the Crusaders Club which was connected to Christ Church. The Crusaders had a clubhouse in New Road which later became the workshop of the Saxon Garage and has now been demolished to make way for housing.


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Christ Church Crusaders football team A Crusaders football team of the early or mid-1920s . Back row from left: Bill Lawrence, Bert Allaway, Perce Drewett, Stan Porter, Arthur Budman (referee). Middle row: Sid Andrews, – Reed, Jeff Wiltshire. Front row: Jack  Bryant, Jim Hill, Fred Butler, Gordon Pearce, Frank Musselwhite
Bradford Crusaders Football Club 1907-8     The football is marked BCFC 1907-8, so this photograph is probably of another Bradford Crusaders Football Club team, but from an earlier period.
Christ Church Crusaders' hut     The Crusaders’ Hut (left) and pitch in New Road, all built over now. The terraces of houses in the background are in Woolley
Bible Class football team     Bradford Bible Class football team  was probably formed of boys associated with Holy Trinity Church.
Bradford Football Club team 1909-10     Bradford Association Football Club team of 1909-1910. They are posing in front of the mound in what was called Victory Field after the Great War, ten years later.
Bradford on Avon United Football Club 1912-1913     Bradford on Avon United Football Club in the 1912-1913 season
Bradford Football Club 1896     Bradford Association Football Club team  in 1896 photographed outside Barton Farm House. Team members, back row: A. Archard, F. Reynolds, E.H. Smith (hon. sec.), George Brown; middle: A.O. Crew (captain), A.C. Adams; front: H. Fricker, A. Viles, W. Brown, A.H. Vennell, H. Stevens, F. Stevens, W. Howlett. Also seen, far right, is Henry Aland Summers (hon. sec.).
Spencer Moulton Football Club     The Spencer Moulton Rubber Company football team and its committee members. They were photographed in front of the stand at the company’s sports ground in Trowbridge Road, probably in the 1930s. The Museum does not have names to match the faces, although many are familiar from other photos.
The crowd at the Spencer Moulton sports ground, Trowbridge Road     A large crowd of spectators at the Spencer Moulton sports ground, Trowbridge Road, Bradford. The occasion is not known and it may not have been sporting, although they are lined up along the edge of the football pitch. Judging by the outsize flat caps and the number of soldiers in uniform, this may have been taken sometime around the period of the First World War. The houses in the background are still there.
Woolley Green football team     Woolley Grange Football Club team for the season 1927-1928 (left). They have clearly been successful, winning two cups and displaying their individual medals.
Woolley Football Club     Another group photograph of the Woolley team, seen in front of Woolley Grange house, which is now a hotel
Holt Football Team 1918     Holt Football Club was the oldest club in Wiltshire to be set up under the Football Association’s rules; it was founded in 1864. The photograph is of the team in 1918, with Jim Ladd who went on to found a builders’ merchant company in Trowbridge, seated in the front row, far right.
Holt Football Club 1906-7     An earlier photograph of members of Holt Football Club, in 1906-7, the season in which they won the Trowbridge District League. Back row: F. Drewitt, F. Harris (committee), H. Sydee, R. Edwards (asst. sec.), S. Barton, C. Young (committee), E. Jones, Ernest Stokes. Middle row: H. Perry, A.J. Beaven (president), D. Scrine, J. Hunt (captain), D. Drewitt, A. Cliff. Front row: E. Skinner, C. Giles, B. Nibbs (hon. sec.), H. Ryan
Widbrook Wanderers Football Teams, 1950s     Widbrook Wanderers, the Widbrook Sports Club’s football team was affiliated to the Trowbridge & District Football League. The club was based at the Beehive pub at Widbrook, which is in the background of this 1950s photograph.





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